Brad Paisley in Sioux Falls? Don’t believe everything you read online

Did you hear that Brad Paisley is coming to Sioux Falls?

This afternoon, the Sioux Falls Convention & Visitor’s Bureau tweeted that Brad Paisley would be returning to Sioux Falls for a Dec. 9 concert at the Washington Pavilion. Ticket information would be coming soon. Cool, right?

Always excited to get the word out about big-name concerts coming to Sioux Falls, I started to look for more details. The Washington Pavilion didn’t have any details online yet, so I sent an email to the Wash Pav’s marketing director, Michelle Wellman.

In the meantime, I checked out Brad Paisley’s website, but he didn’t have any tour dates up past September. That doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t playing in Sioux Falls, however. In January, Jason Aldean talked about his upcoming tour on “Good Morning America” – Sioux Falls is one of the tour stops this fall, but no specific date has been posted yet on his website.

A quick Google search of Brad Paisley and Sioux Falls, however, led me to this article on

The article says that Paisley will headline the first CMT Most Wanted Live tour, which will hit 44 cities this fall starting Sept. 19 in Phoenix and mentions a Dec. 9 date in Sioux Falls at the Washington Pavilion.

Sounds like he’s coming to Sioux Falls, right? Well, there’s no date on the article. However, there is a date on a very similar article posted on – July 31, 2002.

Check back to Brad Paisley’s website and his current tour dates, you’ll notice that he’s not in Phoenix on Sept. 19 this year, but in North Carolina. And really, what’s the likelihood that Paisley would perform in Sioux Falls at the exact same venue on the exact same date 12 years later?

The Pavilion also confirmed that Paisley is not scheduled to perform there this year.

So what happened? The Convention & Visitor’s Bureau said they saw the announcement online – that it came up in their Google notifications - and that they’d gotten a lot of people telling them the same thing. But they didn’t check it out any further before tweeting out the info. 

I’m guessing some sort of technical glitch caused the old article/press release from CMT to repopulate itself on I’m no tech genius, but I know those things happen.

Since then, the Convention and Business Bureau has deleted its tweet.

So sorry, Brad Paisley fans. I don’ think he’s returning for another concert in Sioux Falls anytime soon.